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Sabring how does it work?

Sabring a Champagne bottle with a saber always looks impressive. A great promotion at a party and opening a bottle cannot be more festive. But is it difficult?. No. We can tell from experience that sabring is not difficult. At tastings we often start with sabring a champagne or prosecco. This will never go wrong as long as you stick to certain rules.


1) Remove the foil and capsule (cage and foil around the cork). Also remove the foil from the neck. Step 1 is not always done, but it does give an extra risk of failure if you skip this step.

2) Find a safe place. Inside, of course, is more dangerous. The cork with a piece of glass from the head is fired with force. It should not touch a window or person. So aim inside the bottle at a safe place, but preferably sabring outside.

3) Hold the bottle at an angle of 45 degrees upwards and hold it with your left hand (if you are left then right hand). Keep your arm straight.

4) Find the weld line on the neck. Each bottle has a line running on the neck. The saber allows you to slide tightly over this line.

5) Put the saber on the neck and slowly slide the saber over the weld line and repeat so that you know you are sitting correctly.

6) Then comes the actual sabring . A few things are very important. When you hit, you don't stop at the head of the bottle, but you hit through so that you stretch your whole arm. So not a short tap, but a long stroke. Hold the saber at a 45 degree angle to the bottle. So not completely flat, but slanted. Now tap it in a long smooth motion, and the cork will pop off easily with the glass head. Do not use too much force.

Don't be afraid that glass splinters will end up in the Champagne. If you sabrate properly, almost no glass splinters will be released. And because of the pressure on the bottle, these splinters spray out with the Champagne.

So also keep in mind that a little Champagne sprays with it.

Have fun and good luck.